Thursday, July 10, 2008

NJPRO Foundation Podcast #1: “Economic Policies and Solutions: Making New Jersey a Better Place for Business,” 7/10/2008

In one of the most comprehensive studies of New Jersey’s business climate conducted to date, NJPRO surveyed business leaders, compared the ways other states retain and attract firms, and recommended short- and long-term policies New Jersey can adopt to make its business environment friendlier. The report, available at NJPRO's website, summarizes the results of a 249-respondent survey and one-on-one interviews with 29 business and economic development leaders. Additionally, we compile rankings of state business climates and highlight the business policies of five highly-rated states.

NJPRO also makes 37 policy recommendations to help improve the state’s business climate – short- and long-term actions in areas such as tax, regulatory, infrastructure, health care and liability laws.

Sara Bluhm This podcast features an interview about the report with NJPRO Executive Director Sara Bluhm.

Sara is executive director and treasurer of the New Jersey Policy Research Organization and Assistant Vice President of Energy & Federal Affairs for the New Jersey Business & Industry Association.

Ms. Bluhm has done extensive research on women and politics with an emphasis on leadership development. Currently she is representing the Association on energy, technology and women in business issues.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

NJPRO Podcasts Promo

NJPRO will soon be launching podcasts at this blog, RSS Feed, and iTunes channel. Be sure to subscribe so that you can get the latest research from one of New Jersey's most respected policy research institutes.

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